burwood student living TM includes outstanding services.

Home Maintenance

We have a wonderful team of tradesmen who are friendly & reliable, ensuring any repairs are attended to immediately and that the home is always spotless clean and attractive. The gardens are also looked after beautifully and students can enjoy relaxing outdoors during the warmer months. A B.B.Q. is available for student use!

We believe the path of integrity is the only one to live by

We offer and maintain a personalised service which we ourselves would enjoy, fostering trust, stability and security. We are only a few minutes walk away, a phone call, text message or e-mail & are happy to respond at a moments notice, whether it be for household repairs & needs or if you require any other assistance such as medical or personal help. We believe our tenants deserve the highest level of respect for their happiness, privacy and safety.

Prices are very reasonable and level of service outstanding

* Room rental includes utilities (gas, electricity, water), Internet, Cleaning and our Services
* We also have Broadband internet cable connection so that students may have full use of the internet & be able
to be in regular contact with their families and friends.
We welcome Deakin University, MIBT and DUELI students to BSL ethos: fairness, respect, kindness, consideration
and flexibility.